Licensing Models

For members of a group that already holds an FHI-aims license

Please register for access at the Registration site (aimsclub). In order to register, you will need the user ID (and approval) of the main license holder, most likely your group leader or PI.

We invite you to become part of an active community. The FHI-aims GitLab server and the FHI-aims slack workspace are effectively the main support sites for the code.  We need to manually invite users to those resources. Once you are registered in the aimsclub, please ask us for slack workspace and GitLab access by e-mailing:   

For external groups that do not have an FHI-aims license yet

We look forward to having you as a part of our active FHI-aims community. To obtain FHI-aims, you need to obtain a license from Molecular Simulations from First Principle e.V. (MS1P e.V.). We offer these types of licenses:

Academic license

Use of FHI-aims in an academic setting by a single research group (at a university, non-profit research labs, etc.), with:

The payment is voluntary. It helps to run the website, distribute the code, and other small things. It does not pay the code developers. Please fill in the academic license form in any case. If needed, add a handwritten change to the payment amount and send a short explanation to In case of questions please contact

Commercial license

Use of FHI-aims in a commercial setting, such as in companies. Please contact Upon purchase, we will provide you with the required information to access the "aimsclub" website, which is our access point for current releases of the FHI-aims code and, of course, our community resources such as our GitLab site and slack workspace. 

The next steps

Fill in the License Agreement, sign it and return it (by mail, fax, or email as a scanned, signed pdf) to: 

Molecular Simulations from First Principles (MS1P) e.V.
Clayallee 167
14195 Berlin


MS1P e.V. will return to you a signed copy of the License Agreement together with an invoice for the payment due.
We will provide you with your FHI-aims account from which FHI-aims can be downloaded.
Please do not forget to send the completed license form (pdf) to the MS1P e.V. so we can finish the process and provide you with the code. We hope that FHI-aims will be a useful and productive tool for your research.

In case you have further questions or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at: