Software Engineer / Software Scientist for Electronic-Structure Code Developments and Collaboration in Industry Projects

MS1P e.V. – Berlin, Germany – two 3-year full/part-time positions

The non-profit association MS1P e.V. advances the efficient all-electron electronic-structure software FHI-aims, working with a wide range of users and developers in academia and in industry.

We are offering two 3-year full- or part-time positions that are intended to become permanent.

You are a motivated, excellent Software Developer with strong skills in electronic-structure methods, atomistic simulations, and software methodologies, and you will help to advance the FHI-aims electronic-structure code as a primary platform for density-functional, many-body perturbation theory, and quantum chemistry calculations, improving the links to artificial intelligence methods.

We have two openings for Software Engineer / Software Scientist positions with a focus on collaborations with industry. Your workplace will be at Duke University in North Carolina (Volker Blum) or at the NOMAD Laboratory at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin (Matthias Scheffler). You are free to choose.

We're committed to diversity and inclusion.


You will work in the center of the FHI-aims code,


You will be embedded in a larger team working on developments such as:


Your experience needs to include


How to apply:

Your application must include in one pdf file:

Please send your application to Sebastian Kokott.

The announcement is open until the positions are filled.